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Outer Banks Area Features

Activities for Explorers

  By: Jacquelyn Eurice

Visitors who like to explore the area around them will find countless opportunities to experience all that the Outer Banks has to offer. Sometimes a guided tour is optimal in not only seeing new places but also learning abstract facts about them. Journeying out independently can also give explorers the chance to happen across something great or to discover little idiosyncrasies on their own—which adds to the adventure through a sense of accomplishment. There are lots of ways to explore the OBX depending on your style. Here are some fun ideas for great excursions.

Sky Tours

Aerial vantages are the best way to see the entire region. To take to the sky for a bird’s-eye view, choose between a Cessna, helicopter or bi-plane ride. Not only are these excursions thrilling, but when you arrive back on solid ground, you’ll have a great lay of the land. Finding the small alcoves or interesting spots to explore might be much easier!

Roam on 4 Wheels

Many tourists to the Outer Banks adore the fact that certain types of 4-wheel-drive vehicles and ATVs are allowed on the beach in designated areas. This allows for venturing to remote areas and seeing some of the natural attractions including the beautiful sand dunes and the wild horses. Vacationers have the option of taking guided tours that can highlight known areas of interest or renting a vehicle to explore on their own. In some areas, you may even drive your own vehicle, but a local permit may be required.

Bicycle Around Town

Have the freedom to check out numerous shops and restaurants without the hassle of having to find a parking space. Bicycling is an effective way to journey across the area, down scenic paths, and close to the beach. For cyclists who are in search of a long ride through multiple towns, there are bike paths (predominately existing along the shoulders of roads) that stretch from Corolla to Nags Head and from Manteo to Hatteras. In addition to the benefits of exercise, you can take in the sights at a leisurely pace, stopping wherever the moment seems right and finding the perfect spot for lunch or a great backdrop for a family photo.

Segway Tours

Another way to explore the Outer Banks is on a Segway. If you think that Segways are only used on paved surfaces, think again! Some of the tours offered in the Outer Banks use these 2-wheeled machines that can go off-roading—even on sandy beaches! The OBX was one of the first areas in the nation to offer this concept. There are also Segway tours of the towns that are fun and informational, but also a little calmer for the less adventurous. Segways are exciting and still a novel way to see the local areas through tour guides who know their regions well.

Whether by air or on 2 or 4 wheels, explorers have come to the right place. Have fun investigating the Outer Banks!

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